Our workplace
We provide a modern, safe, and engaging workplace with great benefits—whether you work in an office, at one of our fulfilment centres, or at a delivery station.

Our workplace

Graphic depicting the supply chain process
Graphic depicting supply chain
For every item shipped, about a dozen employees and partners work together to get it from the supplier to the customer.
As well as good pay, Amazon employees also receive a comprehensive benefits package including private medical insurance, life assurance, income protection, employee discount, and a company pension plan.
That’s not bad for a company that employs people from a variety of backgrounds, regardless of their qualifications.
Workplace wellbeing: for mind and body
Workers at our UK fulfilment centres benefit from subsidised hot meals in our canteens and water stations in multiple locations across all worksites.

We also have a comprehensive programme designed to help employees with all aspects of their physical, occupational, social, and personal well-being. The programme includes access to free private medical insurance and support from healthcare specialists any time of day.

All Amazon sites have multiple, easy-to-access bathroom facilities near every working location. As you'd expect in any modern and decent working environment, our employees are free to go to the bathroom whenever they need. We also support our delivery service partners and their drivers on the road with smart technology that reminds them to take a break and highlights the nearest food, drink, and bathroom facilities.

All photos of people not wearing masks were taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Two Amazon employees take a break in the canteen
  • An Amazon employee drinks a coffee in the canteen
Feedback from the floor
Our fulfilment centre employees are at the heart of our business. Their insights, gained through on-the-job experience, are vital to the business.

We've set up an Associate Forum at every fulfilment centre and most of our delivery stations. The forum is made up of the site's leadership team and employee representatives who are elected by the employees at that site. The Associate Forum plays an important role in our business. Members meet regularly to share information, discuss feedback and ideas, and provide input into key decisions that affect how that particular site operates, such as changes to shift patterns.

Employees can report any concerns on an anonymous basis by calling the freephone Amazon UK Ethics Line. Concerns raised are heard by a senior manager who is independent of the site or work area involved. Additionally, each Amazon UK employee is asked a daily question about their workplace and working conditions. The question is asked through each employee's personal device, and answers are gathered on an anonymised basis. Feedback data is used by senior managers to address any emerging or recurring themes.

Every building has a noticeboard where employees can raise a question or concern and receive a response within 24 hours from a member of the site leadership team. Questions or concerns can be raised by individuals, groups, or anonymously. All questions and responses are centrally logged with themes identified for action where required.
  • “The opportunities the apprenticeship has opened up for me within Amazon are incredible, and I am thankful for the knowledge it offers which will allow me to progress in my career within the company. I only wish that I had joined Amazon sooner!”
    change me
    Steven Giddings
    Steven Giddings recently completed the Team Leaders apprenticeship based at Gourock fulfilment centre.
  • "I joined Amazon at the age of 52, after seven years of retirement, with no career aspirations or personal drive. All I wanted was 16 hours a week to top up my pension. That lasted for circa four months, and I was then given the opportunity to become a trainer. Wow, that was the start of the journey and my re-invention as a person. The role I perform is in my opinion the best role Amazon could ever offer me. I have found my forte after all these years, I should have been a trainer all my working life.”
    Amazon employee, Charles Russell
    Charles Russell
    Learning Coordinator at our Glasgow Delivery Station.